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How to Boost Your Ecommerce Store Product Pages

May 14 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #web development company, #web development company in madurai, #how to boost your ecommerce store product pages, #ecommerce website development, #ecommerce development company, #ecommerce development company in madurai

You're working admirably to sustain guests to your store, however, you're not getting enough guests to add items to their trucks. Item pages ought to be satisfied to let individuals add your smash hit items to their vehicles, yet they don't appear to be selling them, and you don't know why not or how to fix it.

Analyze your Product Page

Spend sometimes minutes to analyze the essential parts of your product page and recognize the ones that need work. As you aim to provide a good skill to your buyers, you need to know what your customers purchase while they are on each product page of your store.

  • Page loading speed
  • Clear and Fragile product page design
  • Adequate information/description
  • Tell your customers about your brand and features

If any of these is absent, you have to think about augmentation.

Use High Quality & Awesome Product Photos

You seemingly know how crucial it is to show your product using high-quality vision. You may have even gone as far as to showcase it from multiple angles as well. These are all great tactics to attract customers but also turn them away. Other leading eCommerce stores favor using a white or light-colored framework for your product images. Doing so can help you keep flexibility and maintain your product.

Provide a Clear Call-to-Action

Call to action (CTA) is an essential factor to expand eCommerce conversions. Make sure that every product page has a clear call-to-action button. If you want visitants to shop, you will need to convert them to buy. That’s why it’s necessary to have a clear CTAs like ‘’add to cart’’ or ‘’buy now’’.

Optimize your Pages for Mobile

There’s no suspicion that mobile commerce is growing faster than e-commerce in general. As of 2019, 72% of online shoppers in India buy their essentials using mobile devices. Your product pages should be optimized for mobile devices, if not you may lose traffic, sales, and revenue.

Extension Consumer’s Trust by Reviews and Ratings

Product ratings and reviews increase trust and confidence rises conversions. Customer reviews clear any suspicions that your possibilities might have about a product and help them to make an immediate buying determination. This is why it is crucial to put social proof such as reviews with ratings on your eCommerce product pages.


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What to Avoid When Preferring an SEO Company

May 13 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #What to Avoid When Preferring an SEO Company, #seo company, #seo companies in madurai, #web development company, #wed development company in madurai

For businesses of various types and sizes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental method to develop and stay vital. Being a multi-faceted and on-going procedure that is ceaselessly transforming, it is critical to employ an organization that is educated and stays up with the latest with the most recent patterns and best practices. In that capacity, infinite organizations decide to employ an advanced office to assist them with advertising their image viably through the web search tools, in any case, with such a significant number of SEO organizations out there to look over, where do we start? 

We have just considered what sort of things you ought to be searching for while picking a decent SEO organization, yet how would we decide if an SEO supplier is terrifying news? We talk about a few of the key focuses to pay special mind to when concluding who to avoid.

Black-hat strategies

Ensure that the SEO Company you are hiring utilizes white-cap strategies to successful results for their customers. White-cap SEO, otherwise called "moral SEO", is focused around improving for the site client, instead of only for the web crawlers. This means substance ought to be significant and composed for individuals, catchphrases ought to be used characteristically, and connections to your site ought to moreover be important, common, and from consigned in sources. 

Black-hat strategies, then again, focus just around web crawlers, rather than the crowd. Examples of such strategies incorporate; profoundly wadding watchwords onto pages to rank, partaking in connect plans which are not broken down cautiously by an SEO master with genuine understanding, and utilizing entryway pages. Such strategies ought to be deceived as they can bring about a punishment for your site, which may mean an all-out loss of rankings by and large, for changing timeframes. 

That being said, while talking with an SEO supplier, any procedures which appear to be deceitful or involved ought to quickly raise a warning. Furthermore, if a supplier won't answer questions relating to their ordinary system, this also should raise anxieties, since legit SEOs will need you to feel as great as could logically be assumed and should lay out their SEO methodology with you from the earliest starting point.

Making counterfeit guarantees 

You should quickly be careful of any SEO supplier who makes strong cases concerning what they can achieve. Website design augmentation is regularly a redundant and unsure procedure, which is subject to a few variables, and, truly, no supplier can ensure top seeking rankings short-term (or even inside a while). 

Thusly, you ought to keep a strategic distance from organizations or people who offer expressions which guarantee first-page rankings in an exceptionally short space of time. 

They have "insider notice"

Nobody has the information to see the entirety of Google's considerations and positioning elements, which is the reason you should run far and wide from anyone who professes to have insider data that will guarantee you a main positioning. 

Surely, an SEO organization is fit for learning the difficult details of infinite parts of the Google thought, in light of developing broad work on clusters of fluctuated customers over many years, making them gifted and capable in loads of regions, however, they notwithstanding everything have not "got" any riddle data from Google themselves.

Package pricing

Any organization which provides a solid cost estimate to you at a swift speed, before they have gotten a chance to understand your business goals, your site needs, and other crucial viewpoints, means something bad as it so happens. 

Top-notch SEO results can't happen besides if the supplier sets aside the effort to completely get to holds with your business, who your competitors are, and the catchphrases that should be sharpened on. Fundamentally, a great SEO campaign ought to be a bespoke procedure that is excellent for every business, which means costs will consistently shift in like manner and can't come as a bundle bargain. 

It is furthermore worth calling attention to that, in Google's eyes, one curious connection to your site could be worth 100 poor connections. It is surely not about the numbers, however rather proposing the most elite, which must be achieved through long periods of building solid contacts with different industry experts, distributions, and influencers. 

Over-emphasis on keyword rankings

Unique advanced organizations will have developed a strong arrangement of past customers and will be glad to show genuine contextual investigations or references to you to feature positive ROI and the outcomes that they have had the option to finish. If an organization will not show any of their examples of overcoming adversity with you, this should ring alerts. 

Besides, if contextual investigations are being issued to you, are they dependent on staff that have left the organization, or would they say they are from long-standing record supervisors who notwithstanding everything work there? 

You ought to likewise ask the organization which measurements, especially, they think about meaningful, as the poor organizations may decide to exhibit unnecessary "vanity measurements" which convey no unusual weight or advantage and might be handily controlled. Rather, think about the significant measurements, which incorporate; natural (SEO) traffic, transformation rate, number of positioning natural watchwords, and income from natural traffic.

Research is vital 

Whenever did properly, SEO can convey huge ROI and business development openings. Be that as it may, with a tremendous number of organizations and people professing to be SEO experts, it very well may be hesitant to distinguish a decent supplier from an awful one. In any case, by outfitting yourself with the right information and posing okay queries, you can all the more likely abstain from being filched by low-quality SEOs who might not have your eventual benefits on the most fundamental level.

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Why Ecommerce Website Require Maintenance?

May 13 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #Why Ecommerce Website Require Maintenance?, #ecommerce development company, #ecommerce website development, #ecommerce website maintenance, #web development company, #web development company in madurai

Website maintenance is critical for each sort of site, be it a conversation gathering, news website, webpage managing administrations, blogging webpage, and so on, however with regards to ecommerce stores, it is significant. To maintain a fruitful online business and keep up your webpage sound, web-based business site upkeep is a commitment.


3 Important Reasons to opt for E-commerce Website Maintenance Services:


#1: To retain the website safe & secure.


To stay fully informed regarding the security patches and normal examining of your site's security logs, to check dubious exercises, assuming any, and expel it opportune, it is necessary to pick site support administrations. 

Security starts things out when a client finishes to make a buy. On the off chance that a client doesn't discover your site secure he/she will straight away move to your rivals' site. To look after deals, build and keep up clients' trust, and certainty, guarantee that your online store is shielded from each imaginable risk. Also, for that support of an eCommerce site is an unquestionable requirement.


#2: Boost SEO Ranking.


The hunt bots incline toward destinations that are quick, mistake-free, all around kept up, incorporate slanting catchphrases. They regularly like to list one of a kind and new substance and think about the progressions for the upside of rankings. 


Each time you update content with successful and one of a kind data, your site positioning will enhance web crawlers. Refreshing excellent item depictions of recorded items, advancing top-notch item pictures can help your SEO rankings and at last your web traffic. What's more, that should be possible just utilizing standard support and up-degree.


#3: To keep webpage loading speed.


 Slow stacking speed leaves an especially negative impact on clients. For an ecommerce site, quick stacking page speed matters a ton. Consider if a client is analyzing the items and the page is taking minutes to transfer, he may get baffled and close your site and begin looking through the ideal items on different stores. 


At the point when a client visits your site, you anticipate that he should shop and pay for the items. A moderate stacking page can pound your desires. Yet, when you pursue a site upkeep bundle with accomplished skilled ecommerce developers you don't have to stress over it. They won't let your store to convey an awful shopping experience to your clients.


Additional important reasons are:

1) To check for obsolete items. 


2) To check for broken connections.


3) For customary reinforcement. 


4) For routinely redesigning modules and modules.

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May 7 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #Website, #best web development company, #best web development company in madurai, #ecommerce development, #ecommerce development company, #web development company, #web development company in madurai, #professional web development services

In the previous hardly any years, web administrations have advanced a ton and you may discover a ton of advantages of utilizing such administrations for your business. It can give you powerful outcomes that can help in extending your business. You may be thinking concerning how you can get such administrations for your business. All things considered, you can utilize the assistance of the web to locate the best web advancement organization to profit such highlights. There are a ton of programming and orders which are utilized and that is the reason it ought to be taken care of by the individuals who have appropriate information on such administrations.

Why do you need such services?

Adjusting to new advancements and highlights is the best way to gain ground throughout everyday life. This is likewise the situation with utilizing a web advancement administration. To guarantee that you get achievement, you ought to get new structures and apparatuses for your site. This will help in pulling in new clients and keep the old ones from leaving. For administrations like web-based businesses, it is imperative to be taken care of by a specialist. Any sort of little issues can prompt a great deal of misfortune and you ought to get proficient assistance to guarantee a protected encounter.

Features of using web services for any business

you can get a lot of features of using professional web development services for your website. These are some of the astounding beneficial features which you can enjoy by using professional help.

Tools available for easy to management of your page 

It can be quite difficult for anyone to manipulate their website alone without proper tools. That is why professional services afford suitable tools to help you with your business. These tools will help you in making your business cozy.

Web design services particularly for your business 

As you realize that each business is an extraordinary structure and that is the reason you ought to get interesting administrations for it. By utilizing the assistance of specialists you can guarantee that you get specific administrations for your business. On the off chance that you have an internet business site, at that point you will get benefits in like manner to give you the necessary highlights.

High-quality of servers for wondrous loading speed 

The crucial thing to keep a website is to get high-speed servers. If you want to provide your users with a secure experience then you need to provide them faster web-page. You can get immediate help from professional web development services.

Expert’s opinion for your business 

With the help of long periods of experience a specialist can give you appropriate consideration to your administration. Along these lines you can arrive at the objectives and targets which you have set for your site. Utilizing certain administrations you can guarantee that you get appropriate assistance to make progress. 

Getting every one of these highlights can guarantee that you get a top-notch understanding of doing your business. If you face any issue with your site, at that point you can contact the experts to give you additional consideration. To reach the experts to furnish you support with your site.

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Benefits of Laravel Development

May 2 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #benefits of laravel development, #laravel development, #laravel development company, #best web development company, #best web development company in madurai, #web development company, #web development company in madurai

Laravel, in essence, is a full open-source framework that is built on PHP and helps with building the MVC and website applications with relative ease. MVC is an acronym of Model View Controller. It describes architecture developers utilize when building applications.  Some of the feature sets that are offered by model view controller include a naive verification and catching, handling sessions, routing processes, versatility, and unit testing to make things more painless and exact.

There are huge companies takes more benefits including small websites to large scale enterprise applications, Laravel can help out with contributing to web development in the easiest way possible. Laravel is centrally responsible for launching the website building experience amongst the PHP Developers by a great amount.

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Website Development Process

May 1 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #website development process, #web development company, #web development company in madurai, #ecommerce website development

Identify the Needs of Clients

The first and most essential step is observing the needs of clients. what do they require? Recognition and analyzing what exactly they want help in giving the best resolution they want. Clients having some technical background it gets very easier to understand their needs and technicality they want in their projects. Some clients are don't have an idea about the web world so we ask questions to them for clarification to help them better.


Thorough Research

Every website is different from the other. So at this stage, we research and find as much more information as possible for the respective project. An ecommerce website selling men's clothing is different from an online grocery store. Hence thorough research and analysis about the business, competitors, target audience, the project's motto, etc. provide the knowledge required to build a perfect website.



A perfect plan backed by thorough research & analysis is a map towards the goal. At this step, we define sprints, deliverables, and Gantt charts with predicted timeline & resources to achieve it. Different other major decisions like wireframing, layout planning, UI/UX, preparing the sitemap, choosing the right technology stack, it means we use technologies like CakePHP, react js, angular js, etc. are also made at this step.



Once we have the sitemap and wireframes, it's now the time to create design every page of the website. At this step, designers give life to the approved wireframes with logos, graphics, background color, animations, typography, drop-down menus, buttons, and more based on the requirements of the project. Your design is should be unique and lavish.



This is the stage where designs approved by the client transformed into a working model. The process of development can be between two parts i.e. backend and frontend.

What is the backend & frontend?  

Backend means the development of the server site that is the soul of frontend and creates and makes the UI into a working website. The backend developers develop the database, server-side application, integrates business logic, and everything that works under the hood.


Testing & Deployment

Before deploying the website to the server, it undergoes several rigorous tests to make sure that there are no errors or bugs. Several tests such as usability, functionality, performance, compatibility, etc. that ensure that the website is ready to launch are performed by the quality team. Once the quality team gives a green flag to the website, it is deployed to the server using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

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Latest Trends in Ecommerce Website Development

April 29 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #best web development company, #best web development company in madurai, #ecommerce development, #ecommerce development company, #ecommerce development company in madurai, #ecommerce website development, #ecommerce website development company, #web development company, #web development company in madurai, #latest trends in ecommerce website development

As consumers become further involved in the digital time and current events help to elevate online and mobile-based shopping to new heights, there can only be one prediction: e-commerce website development is sure to be in high demand. However, mastering the e-commerce game is not just about good web design, stocking up, and beginning your site. It’s a highly dynamic industry and you need to keep pace with evolving trends. These aren’t limited to AI or augmented reality, either. We’ve looked into the emergence of voice search elsewhere, but there’s a lot more going on.

Marketing automation is worth looking into. It’s known that some businesses have already secured 17% higher click-through rates (CTR) with the help of customized automation workflows. In addition to scheduling social media entries and automating email marketing, automation can include easy-to-access shopping carts and closely tailored landing pages. If you get it right, it should be possible to dispatch personalized emails to prospects and customers alike, apply users’ shopping history to announce new promotions and goods, and re-target consumers for additional sales.

Enhanced shipping options are another powerful feature to consider. The retail sector saw shipping and logistics struggling slightly in recent times, with the occasional minor improvement such as free shipping. It wasn’t until 2013 that same-day delivery became commonplace. Now the prospect of Amazon rolling out its mooted drone delivery service appears closer. Integration with a tool like Google Maps can enable specific drones to calculate the quickest route to their target. Improvements in battery energy density will be needed for longer journeys though.

Subscription-based firms have made fantastic progress, driven by the increased disposable income but reducing the overall wealth of the 20-something demographic – it has been observed that they are making far fewer big one-off purchases these days. Businesses looking to pursue a subscription-based model, particularly those that send out product boxes every month, may struggle to maintain a sense of value and variety in the long-term. So although it’s a promising system, the idea generation and level of expertise on target markets must be strong for it to be sustainable.

Finally, we expect social payments to become more obvious. First popularised by Paypal, social payment features enable users to pay for their purchases via social media. Today, almost all major social media platforms have extended their equivalent - ApplePay, GooglePay, WhatsApp Pay, Facebook Payments, and Twitter Buy are just a few that spring to mind. These methods work similarly to digital bank accounts. Users can either purchase items on these platforms or from online retailers that have configured their service to work with social payment methods.

Although we’re proud of our impeccable web design credentials at Web Choice, hopefully, we’ve convinced you here that ecommerce website development is about much more than just good design. It certainly helps, but you need to constantly innovate if you’re looking to maintain and improve your conversion rates and keep up with rivals. Give us a call today to learn more about how Web Choice can enhance your e-commerce business and enable you to punch well above your weight for the long catch, without costing the earth.

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Web Design | Web Development Company

April 27 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #best web development company, #best web development company in madurai, #ecommerce development, #ecommerce development company, #web development company, #web development company in madurai, #webdesign company

Aparajayah working with global Enterprises, SME’s and forward-thinking Start-Ups as their end-to-end solution partners for custom-tailored software, web, and mobile apps. Through a combination of smart planning, design thinking approach, and the latest technologies, we help our clients to accelerate their business efficiency. Unlike most of the web development firms in the industry, Aparajayah helps clients develop compelling stores and then bring these stories into the marketplace through exceptional websites. With programming and web design experience of years, companies hire our web developers for their expertise in PHP, react js, angular js, Java to build CMS, E-commerce, and business applications. Our web developers build front-end, back-end, and APIs as per the solution to be created or can engage on dedicated bases to augment your current development team.

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How to improve the web presence for your shopping website?

April 22 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #web development company, #web development company in madurai, #website development company

You must understand one thing. your website is nothing but your business. it is one of the marketing and sales channels. Shopping website will not change your business ethics. If you are a business owner and having own website for your business. you should follow the key information on your website. I would like to share some tactics check it everyone.

  1. Neat and clean website design. It should be user friendly and unique design and responsive design.
  2. SEO friendly URL's for your website.
  3. Regular content updates in your website.
  4. Must having Social media presence for your business.
  5. Afford the best offers frequently.
  6. Do some paid marketing on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & etc.
  7. The website must be very light and possible to load quickly.
  8. It must be device agnostics.
  9. Shopping cart must be very user friendly.
  10. The website must be very secured.
  11. You should use H1 tag on everypage because it is easily crawled by search engines and it assist to promote your rankings.
  12. You should be create unique title.
  13. Write a description within 160 characters it helps to boost up the search engine pages.
  14. You should use social sharing options in your product page. If anyone like your product they share product in personally


If you think to develop your shopping website you visit to web development company. They promote your website by latest technologies.


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Ecommerce Website Development

April 18 2020 , Written by Aparajayah Technologies Published on #ecommerce development, #ecommerce development company, #ecommerce website development

How to create e-commerce website development on blogger

Do you want to know how to create an e-commerce website?  If your answer is yes, learn here. Ecommerce is another name of electronic commerce. Ecommerce is an online platform. If you want to buy something products lets go to e-commerce platforms.

What is an e-commerce platform?

Ecommerce platform means selling and buying products and electronic devices. Ecommerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, etc,



ecommerce website development
ecommerce website development

How to create a website?

The e-commerce website creates on blogger.com is very easy. You may create a website within a few minutes. How to create a website step by step everyone see this post.

How to create an e-commerce website on blogger?

It is a very easy way to create an e-commerce website. First, you search blogger.com in search engine then you find the blog website because this shows the top of the page so easily got everyone. You go to the website. First of all, you signup the account I hope that everyone knows the signup otherwise  I will tell you. Click the signup button and type your Gmail account and password and reconfirm password you should enter then the register is enough. You have considered the website is used for only blog posting or websites. After the signup process, you can type your blog title or website address and title and best suitable for you or your products. After that, click create a blog and you have successfully created the e-commerce website on blogger.com.

How to change the blog template?

There are many e-commerce templates available in blogger. If you need any templates you choose that but that is related to the e-commerce websites.

You must login and click the theme page and edit HTML. I hope that you will see codes, yes that is what gives the design of the pages of your website.

You choose the blogger template and download template its free. You download the template zip file format and copy the XML code. After copy the XML code you put in your website backend. After that, you can click and save.

Customize and Design

What did it mean to customize and design? It means to edit the brand name and title, logo, email, background color, template designs, etc if you don’t like that designs of your websites you go to customize page and edit as you like.

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